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    Conceptual mind and Artistic sensation.Theatre director's creativity.


    The Story of Creativity


    Conceptual mind and Artistic sensation


    Being creative means being conceptual and having artistic sensation.


    For the people who have vertical mind (normal people), Charlie Chaplin is Charlie Chaplin. However, for the people who have conceptual mind (creative people), Chaplin can be linked to Japanese Samurai having a sword instead of a stick and wearing Hakama (Samurai's pants) looks like Chaplin's loose pants. Let's imagine, our lovely tasty Pringles was found from the image of wet leaves, and cell phone was invented by Martin Cooper, who was interested in Captain Kirk's transceiver of Star Trek.


    Conceptual mind can be any shape.


    Creativity is normally hidden behind the phenomena. So that, being creative finding ideas mean looking for intersections in conceptual mind which are seemingly unrelated. The fundamentals are always there. Do you think adults are not creative anymore comparing to children? Remember, we are just forgetting being creative as the world education and the environment of the society make people vertical focusing on details.


    Do not see the surface of the sea, but under the sea. There are many beautiful fishes.


    We can come back to creative world.

    Remember, we were all creative when we were children.


    Design thinking is quite popular in modern business.

    However, how can we feel and find the fundamentals what the customers truly need?


    Did you know this is what exactly theatre directors do?

    They connect seemingly unrelated ideas, and feel what guests fundamentally feel.


    Be conceptual and have artistic sensation.


    Now we know.


    We must cultivate the environment to be creative before using theories.

    Otherwise, any great theory can not work well.


    This is the timing to start coming back to creative world.


    I believe everybody can be creative.

  • Ryuta Shimba Profile

    Creativity & Innovation consultant.


    A Japanese professional performing artist, theatre director/producer. Performs and directs his arts based on Japanese traditions with unique expression and modern interpretations. "Shinnosuke" is his stage name.He has experienced about 1,000 stages since his debut including small theatres, middle size theatres and big theatres worldwide.


    Created his own performance company called TEAM SAMURAI in 2012 in Tokyo. It won the prize for the best performance, and Ryuta was presented with the individual award for the best director at the high-level theatre competition held in St.Petersburg, Russia organised with the cooperation of the Japanese consulate general (2012). Ryuta also has performed internationally mainly in Europe, such as France, Netherlands and the UK, also has learnt European style performances transferred into his directing stages until now. Recently, Ryuta directed the performance for the Japone company at 'Abunai!' convention as the main show of the event, which is the biggest Japanese animation festival in Netherlands, in Eindhoven, 2017.


    Graduated from Oxford Brookes Business School in Oxford for Master of Science, Business Management and Entrepreneurship in 2018. Researched into artistic creativity, conceptual mind and artistic sensation, the way everybody can be creative reflecting his experiences as a theatre director linking to business perspectives, under the supervision of the professor James Bannerman, who is the innovation consultant of Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce and Starbucks.


    Ryuta is a member of CMI (Chartered Management Institute), the leading and award winning professional body in Management and Leadership.


    Having a bachelor's degree in law at Nihon University College of Law in Tokyo in 2008.


    Living in Brno, Czech Republic.


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